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An inspired approach to raising the standards of professionalism within the security industry.

If you're a company specialising in the provision of security services, this website and our services will be of fundamental importance to your long term viability. And this is why.

Back in 2001 the Security Industry Act was passed by Parliament which paved the way for the creation of the Security Industry Authority, a new body with a specific remit to bring higher and more consistent standards to the security industry. The process has already begun with door supervisors and vehicle immobilisers but one of the most dramatic changes will occur once the licensing of manned and patrol guards begins.

The ultimate aim of Faith Training is to help security companies prepare for the impending introduction of licensing and tighter regulatory controls. With this, your company could face the prospect of being unable to practice its trade.

At Faith Training we're here to make a real difference to effectiveness of your security business.