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Who are we?

Faith Training is a company specialising in the provision of rigorous training to companies and individuals involved in a wide range of security services. Quite simply our aim is to make sure that security firms are fully prepared for the stringent regulatory demands that are widely anticipated to be introduced by the Security Industry Authority.

Security firms that fully adhere to the new regulatory demands laid down by the Security Industry Authority will only be able to employ people who have received fully certified training.

Each licence is awarded to an individual not a company which means that it is personal to you. Basically if you change employer you take the licence with you. The cost is £190 per licence. However, while this may seem expensive, this reflects the amount of investment that has been made in training you to achieve a high standard of professionalism within the security industry.

Remember, after 20 March 2006 - no licence = no work.

Our accreditation

Faith Training is fully accredited by the Security Industry Training Organisation to deliver Part 1 and Part 2 Core Competency Training as identified by the Security Industry Authority.

The training is rigorous and challenging which is why we're here to make sure we deliver the highest standards possible.