Legal GuidelinesLegal Guidelines

Obtaining a licence. A six stage process.

Stage One

First of all you need to contact the Security Investment Authority to obtain a licence pack.

Stage Two

Once you have received your pack we need to check whether you have any qualifications that will help you reduce the amount of training you need. We will also have to be sure how many officers will need to undergo the compulsory training required by the SIA.

Stage Three

This is where we set up the various training courses. The SIA has set out their requirements in terms of 'competencies' which are very specific indeed. Our training is designed to ensure that each module you work through fully prepares you to achieve each core competency.

Stage Four

Once your training has been completed we then prepare you for the specific examinations. This could involve sitting two examinations where you have to achieve a minimum pass mark of 75%.

Stage Five

Submitting your application. Subject to a successful examination you will need to send your exam certificates along with your completed application to the Security Industry Authority along with your payment of £190.

Once your application has been received the SIA will then make rigorous checks on your identity and see whether you have any criminal history. There are various degrees of criminal history and obviously the SIA is there to check that there is nothing serious about your past activities which may compromise your professional integrity.

Stage Six

Subject to final vetting and approval of your application, your new licence will be sent direct to your home.